my why

This blog has very much been 'in the making' for years. More than I wish to admit to.

Numerous notebooks that followed me around the globe, attest to my compulsion to ensure every morsel of my visions, rememberings and experiences was captured for some unknown date in the future. Not because I understood their relevance or the timing, but because innately I knew they were not for me and were to be released into the world, for those ready to hear, at the end of the cycle - What the ancients called, ‘the end times’.

Even before I was born (more on that later) I questioned, ‘why me?' From my perspective, everything about me was wrong for the job: my gender, nationality, family, religious upbringing, or lack thereof. But whoever, whatever, didn’t let up so, over the years, slowly and painfully, I submitted to the role bestowed upon me by providence. Or is it the causal machinations of the universe?…

And now, here I am, a European hybrid, calling this burned land of Oz my home, reluctantly wearing my heart on my sleeve via the electronic ether that spreads its tentacles across this blue island in space we call home, as if awakened by a silent call.

The cycles of the universe and the rivers of time are taking me with their flow.

No more hiding, no more resisting.


If you'd like to know more, please start at the end, which of course is the beginning.


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