6 Mar 2012

what is 'soulgate'

Lately, a few people have asked me, and I see a couple have landed on these pages by Googling the question, "what is 'SoulGate'".

In short, Pineal gland or the Third Eye chakra is the SoulGate.

This word made itself known to me in 1996.  For ten days in a row, as I walked to my car from the office, the word 'downloaded' from somewhere and would buzz around in my head for the few minutes it took me to get to the car.  It meant nothing to me at the time.  Yet, I knew I had to pay attention.

So I began using it as a username for various accounts, registered it as a business name for my consulting practice and a few years later, also as a Trade Mark.

Strangely, it is only in the last week or so (since people began queering its meaning) that I actually clearly understood.

And the answer is as banal as it is simple: SoulGate is the doorway through which the Conscious Light energy - commonly referred to as the soul - engages with the physical body to give it life.

Although the Crown Chakra is where the Conscious Light Energy enters the body, it is in the Pineal where it creates the 1st vortex which in turn sets the others into motion down the spine. It is the doorway to our Higher Self.  Meditating on the 3rd Eye turns our perception from this 3D reality, toward the 5th Dimension, where the Higher Self - the Soul - resides.

As simple as this meditation may be, and as some would like you to believe, it is not at all a straight forward concept to implement. There are many elements, including:

     Pythagorean interval
     Colour temperature
     Sound Frequencies
     Electromagnetic field
     Wave-Particle Duality
     Uncertainty principle

Refer to my earlier posts, Life Force, Inception, First Light and Consciousness [R]Evolution, for some additional insights.

The question opened another kind of gate for me so I'll be updating this topic progressively from now on.

Keep an eye out.


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