22 Dec 2010


...these syllables infiltrated the chambers of my mind one day while walking to the car park after work. They echoed there for the following 9 days, incessantly.

So I became obsessed with finding out what, if anything, they meant.  I searched for their meaning for years.

On my trip to Egypt, I met Basaam, an Egyptologist from the Cairo Museum.  He was surprised, asked how I knew that, where I got it from - Explaining that the phrase "just came to me" was a challenge.

This is their meaning:

Lady of Heaven,
the Great Mother,
she who knows the words of power;
You, the container of the Holy Blood of Isis,
the wise blood, the spirit of intelligence
You render me immortal.
Maat at Hat-shep-sut's temple, Deir el-Bahri

...a few short syllables, yet so much meaning...


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