9 Sep 2008

Tabula Smaragdina

"Know ye, O man, that all of the future is an open book to him who can read.All effect shall bring forth its causes as all effects grew from the first cause.Know ye the future is not fixed or stable, but varies as cause brings forth an effect.Look in the cause thou shalt bring into being, and surely thou shalt see that all is effect.Know ye the future is never in fixation, but follows man's free will as it moves through the movements of time-space toward the goal where a new time begins." 

I say, hear only truth and nothing else!
That which is below is similar to that which is above. And that which is above is similar to that which is below. One has to know this in order to gain the cognition of the marvelous Primordial One! Everything material came into existence by the intent of the Primordial One. All material objects became manifest through densification of energy by the Primordial One.

The Sun is the Father of the manifest world; the 'lunar' is its mother. The Holy Spirit 'brings up' developing souls; the Earth nurtures them. The Father of all the development in the entire universe is present always and everywhere.

His Power is the Supreme Power! It is supreme to everything else! And It is manifested on the Earth — in Its Omnipotence!

Thus divide: the 'earthly' — and the Fiery, the coarse — and the subtle! Act at that with great caution, awe, and understanding!

Become the Subtlest Fire — and cognize the Heavenly! Thus you perform the Mergence. Then come back to the Earth — and you will perceive the Subtlest and will have power to transform effectively the imperfect.

This will mean that you have achieved the glory of Mergence with the Primordial One and ridden yourselves of the darkness of ignorance.

The Power of the Primordial One is present beneath everything: beneath both the subtlest and the coarse — and controls them. It is in this way that the Creation exists. And thanks to this marvelous connectedness of Everything the development goes on.

This is why My name is Hermes Thriceborn: for I act in all three planes of existence and possess the wisdom of the entire universe!
Thus I have said everything I wanted to say about the doing of the Sun.
['The Emerald Tablet, Last Book of Hermes', Translation by Vladimir Antonov & Mikhail Nikolenko]


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