17 Jul 2009


When all is said and considered, as Laurel Lee said in Susan Hayward's book "A guide for the advanced soul",
“I know I don’t see the world as it is;
I see the world as I am."

Each 'self' is a 'point of view' on the world, each 'self' expresses the 'world' from his own 'point of view', in the sense that the 'world' doesn't exist out of the 'points of view' that give it an expression. The 'city' doesn't exist outside of all 'points of view' on the city. It is a beautiful idea . . the city is all the 'points of view' on the city. [...] Every 'self' contains (wraps) the entire 'World'. . [...]. . For each of these self', Leibniz who don't meet the too small subjective island of the res cogitans of Descartes, creates a concept to designate 'each self' who thinks the entire possible world. Leibniz called him the 'monad'. Each 'monad' expresses (wraps) the entire world.
[Gilles Deleuze - Cinéma - cours 41 du 17/05/1983 à PARIS 8]


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