1 Jan 2008


"We know how cruel the truth often is, and we wonder whether delusion is not more consoling."
[Jules Henri Poincaré, 1854 – 1912]

'Three Worlds' by M.C. Escher

Our soul's longing calls truth to us. But truth will never speak its own name - People too easily get offended by truth so it will never seek you out. While there is only one truth, sages call it by many names as it takes on as many faces as there are seekers. In the end, everyone must find the reflection of their own face amongst those mirrored in the raindrops.

Truth is out there, waiting to be discovered - if you search, you shall find it. Signposts are all around, for truth and chaos are linked. To live with doubt means to enter into chaos so as to discover there the truth that cannot be measured by words.

So don't ask what the answer is; find out the question.


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